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Auto Binary's staff are specialised in AUDI, BMW and MERCEDES BENZ, auto electrical and electronic troubleshooting. 
The fact that these vehicles are the most technologic advanced in the world,  also ensures that their engineers are well qualified to work on all other makes.

Between the partners, they have more than fifty years of professional experience in auto electrical, analogical and digital systems. 
Therefore, they are quite familiar with any pre MY2001 models. But, due to modern vehicles' level of electronics integration,  their staff must be proficient in the latest computerised diagnostics, analytic techniques and troubleshooting equipment. Hence, Auto Binary's Workshops, are tooled-up with the latest in computerised diagnostics for Audi, VW, BMW,  Mini, Mercedes Benz, Opel and Porsche.

Auto Binary's Services to private individuals

There are specific situations, when the car owner requires the highly specialised diagnostics and services provided by our technicians. To cater for those requirements,  Auto Binary also provides workshop facilities and call-out options.

Auto Binary's business-to-business Services

It is a fact that, the motor industry is constantly striving to reduce operational costs! This has created the need for a Mobile Diagnostics and Repairs Service, of the highest level of expertise.

This innovative and Value Added Service, offers to any motor vehicle dealer,  access to the most sophisticated services and  the highest levels of expertise's - only when it's necessary.   It also enables the business to reduce operating costs, avoiding highly qualified permanent staff, the inherent costs of technical training and diagnostics equipment. While at the same time, improving on customer satisfaction.



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